Current School Council Meetings and Minutes

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Don’t miss our 2014-2015 meetings (SBES staff room) once a month (except 
December) from 5:00-6:00.

All our Meetings are now starting at 5 pm and go until 6 pm. JDH meetings follow ours from 6-7 (they are holding their meetings at SBES to make it easier for parents with kids at both schools to attend both meetings).  If you plan to attend the JDH meeting and need childcare for this portion of the meeting as well, please let the school know that when you call to book (SBES covers the childcare costs for the first hour, JDH for the 2nd hour).

 If you have any questions you can call the school or email the SBES Council Chair at [email protected]

School Council Information Sheet

Childcare and pizza provided at no charge!  Call  the Friday before 705-457-1342 to reserve for food and childcare. 

If you are planning on attending and need pizza/childcare, could you please call the school to advise the Friday prior to the meeting? 
We are trying to set this up earlier than in past years to make sure we are not scrambling the day of the meeting.  Thanks very much – this will help make life easier for all involved in the organizing!

SBES Council Minutes Sept 2014si

Minutes of Meeting – October 27, 2014 JDH and joint SBES

SBES Council Minutes Nov 2014si

SBES Council Minutes Feb 2015si

SBES Council Agenda April 2015

SBES minutes March 2015

SBES Council Minutes April 2015si

SBES Council Agenda April 2015