SBES 2016-2017 Staff

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Welcome back to another exciting school year.  A big welcome goes out to the new families who have joined us!  We have welcomed several new teachers this September.  Here is SBES’ organization for the 2016-17 school year:


ENGLISH                                                                                                      FRENCH IMMERSION

Full Day Kindergarten – Mrs. Longo & Mrs. Gallagher                                  Full Day Kindergarten – Mme. Brown & Mme. Nelson

Full Day Kindergarten – Mrs. Merritt & Mrs. Casey                                       Grade 1 – Mlle Porter

Full Day Kindergarten – Mrs. Holden & Mrs. Brennan                                  Grade 1/2 – Mme Gruppe

Senior Kindergarten/Grade 1 – Ms. Burk                                                      Grade 2 – Mme Zahab

Grade 1 – Mrs. Lewis                                                                                    Grade 3 – Mme Davis

Grade 2 – Mrs. Alleway

Grade 2 – Mrs. Metzger

Grade 3 – Mrs. O’Connor

Grade 3 – Mr. Stephen

Primary Preparation Teachers:  Mrs. Perecko, Mrs. Lapierre, Mrs. Bjelis, Mme Thomazo

School Resource Teacher:  Ms. Mallott

Educational Assistants:  Mrs. Rae, Mrs. Marsden, Mrs. MacInnes, Mrs. Sisson