What’s New in November!

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Hello SBES families!  As we’ve moved into the month of November, we are thrilled with the progress our students are making; academically, and socially.  Our Team continues to work on deepening their understanding of each child as a learner, and to set goals and begin next steps for every child to be successful.  Progress Reports will be coming home shortly, as an opportunity to have a better understanding of your child’s progress to date.  We encourage you to chat with your child(ren) about their report card and all that they’re learning.  With you as our partner in education, our students will benefit from your support as they continue on their learning journey.

Over the next few weeks, our students will be learning more about the importance of perseverance.  This character trait can be directly linked to the Learning Skills on  your child’s report card; Self-Regulation in particular.  Ask your child what perseverance might look like when working on a math problem.

At our last Assembly, Mrs. Metzger introduced our students to the Red Couch Reading Pass.  Have your child tell you all about this celebration of reading, and our SURFing Safari!